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In some cultures, it is expected to negotiate the price of an item before a purchase, it is the way of life. The seller starts with a higher quote (knowing the lower price they would accept) and the customer offers lower numbers (all the while having a higher price they are prepared to pay). Depending on the skill of each, they would negotiate a price that is closer to what the seller wanted and the customer was prepared to pay. At the end, the seller makes a profit which allows them to keep the business going.

In some cases, negotiations are not a part of every business. There is a certain price that the vendor must get for an item and it is up to the customer to choose which vendor to go. You could say that vendors entice the customers to shop with them by offering

  • Discount sale up to 50%
  • Special financing 0% for 6 months
  • $10 off for $50 purchase
  • Buy one get one

You can not call it negotiations, because the vendor made a calculated decision to offer the deal to the customer. There are various reasons such as reduce stock merchandise, increase cash flow, etc.

When it comes to Atlas Limousine & Sedan services,

12-14 Passengers Lincoln Stretch Limo

12-14 Passengers Lincoln Stretch Limo

  • We can not negotiate the price of the gas and fuel our Limousine with
  • Our insurance company would not negotiate on the premium rates we pay per each limousine
  • Our chauffeurs expect a payment for their services and would not accept “work one hour for pay and work one hour for free”

Keeping all that in mind, please understand that we do not negotiate on the rate. If we were to negotiate it would imply we inflated the rate to begin with and tried to overcharge you. That is not how we do business. We offer the most affordable packages to all our customers.

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