Contest Between Chauffeur And Driver

You may not know this, but there is a difference between a Chauffeur and Driver. Sure, a lot of people use the words interchangeably but we at Atlas Limo know that a Chauffeur is so much more than a driver. Whether you take a ride in our Sedan or use our Airport Bus, you too will see the difference. Not only informing you the difference in one sentence, we will show you why there is a difference.

Chauffeur is a trained to respond person to every need of their passengers. In fact a Chauffeur is itself a complete service provider. Where as a Driver’s goal is to get done as quickly as possible in order to make the most money possible. He tries to save the day for a second client, ignoring your importance.

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Chauffeurs are professionally trained and qualified persons. They are given training to deal with the clients with full of manners. Where for a Driver, simply require to have a regular class D driver’s license with focusing only on driving.

Chauffeur is a completely safety trained person and has given the training to drive with in the rules and regulations of health and safety. Where as Drivers only drop you point to point without checking and taking care of your health requirement.

For Chauffeurs, the passenger is a customer and they proudly represent their company by realizing that there livelihood depends on satisfying the customer. Where, as For a Driver, a passenger is just a “fare”.

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A Chauffeur is not only a trained professional, he conducts himself in a professional manner, including dressing for the part. You want be picked up by a Chauffeur in jeans and a t-shirt. He will be in professional attire, most likely a suit and tie. A Chauffeured vehicle is your best bet when you are looking more than just a ride somewhere. When comfort, safety, privacy, style, and personalized customer service are important to you, hire a Chauffeur.

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