How to Arrive on Time..

Its time to take a look at your work attendance and reflect on how prompt you are on regularly basis. Would your supervisor say that you are always late or would they be shocked if they saw you at the office 10 minutes early? For whatever reason, regularly being late to work can have a negative impact on your career. Especially when you are assigned for a major task our business meeting with client and you miss the deal just due to late arrival. It becomes even worst when a perception is described for your behavior that you are an irresponsible person. It just leads you towards demotion. If you are a victim of late arrivals, just stop worrying. We will bring very easy steps which make you able to always arrive on time.

Self Assessment

The first step is to do an honest self-assessment and figure out the reason that why you become always late on your assigned tasks. Take time to notice your habits in the morning. Are you constantly rushing around to beat the clock or does something always seem to e coming up right before you leave the door? Here are some common reasons that could be holding you back from arriving on time.

1-Miscalculating Time

Miscalculating Time

Miscalculating Time

You are guilty of grossly underestimating how much time it will take you to get to your destination. You leave at the last possible minute because you know exactly how much time it takes to get to work. This underestimation may cause you to move slower in the morning routines or take side trips on their way to work. Usually, you feel no sense of urgency when commuting to your job.

The Solution: Never assume that you will be on time. The best plan of action is to set your schedule so that you plan on getting work around 10 to minutes early. If you are worried about being too early, figure out something to do while you wait.

2-Unplanned Mornings

Unplanned Mornings

Unplanned Mornings

People who don’t plan their mornings often feel as if they’re aggressively bouncing from one task to another after they wake up. First, it’s down to the kitchen to prepare breakfast and lunch they forgot to make. Next, it’s right upstairs to iron their suite and pants that they neglected last night. Finally it becomes a race to get everything together before the traffic starts to clog the highways.

The Solution: Take time to plan your mornings the night before. Already have your breakfast made and your pants ironed the night before. Make sure everything you need is already together and ready to be transported. Does these activities right when you get home from work the previous day so you don’t forget. Not only will you move faster, you’ll find yourself much more relaxed and unburdened by morning events.

Changing your schedule and routine isn’t always the easiest the thing in the world. It can take a lot of time and energy for you to ever fully adopt any one of these behaviors. However, eliminating your tardiness to the office will benefit your career and future work habits. Atlas Limo and Sedan always helps you to take you for your business tours in excellent manners with in time facility.

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