“First impression is the last impression” is the main point to think before Atlas Limo and Sedan hires a chauffeur. Some qualities must be in a good chauffeur. First, check their first impression, how they dress and if they are groomed. You want someone that will give off a good impression of Limo Company.

Clean Driving Record


Any driver hired must submit to a drug test and be placed on the company insurance for liability reasons. So it is essential to pass a drug test before joining Limo Chauffeur squad.

Preferably Local Resident

Hiring a limo driver that lives within 15 minutes of the office is considered to be the best option. It is beneficial to have a driver that is nearby to jump on the work right away.

Past Driving Experience

This point will set some drivers apart from others. If an applicant has had previous experience driving for a private transportation company, that is a big plus for him. It means he has dealt with last minute changes and can keep composed in times of stress and change. He will also be familiar with work being dispatched to them on a last minute basis sometimes.

Safety First

Safety First

Before hiring a driver, Limo gives relaxation to chauffeurs with less driving experience, but relaxation regarding safety is not acceptable. Limo not only considered being safety conscious, but also keenly thinking for your happiness. The drivers are given safe driving sessions regarding; don’t drink or eat while driving, don’t be over speed, use proper lane.

If Atlas Limo finds a good driver with extra driving skills, but don’t have experience, then they consider their training sessions. They train them from start with good habits and proper education.

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